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Capital Deployment & Deal Flow  


Who is our Borrower?

  • Generates revenue and is cash flowing.
  • Is experiencing a growth project or other positive event.
  • May be Boot-strapped, Private, Venture Backed, or Public.
  • Is well managed and can provide operating plans and actual financials.

How do we assess Risk?

  • We use Quantitative Approaches by applying financial models and tools to evaluate deviation from  baseline plans to assess down side and identify leverage points.  We set covenants to minimize the range of possible adverse results.
  • We use Qualitative Approaches to assess who the borrowing entity is. We get to know the management and the team by talking to them, asking lots of questions and doing site visits.  As a rule, we require regularly scheduled communications with management.

Are we Secured?

  • We take a 1st security interest where we can and secure ourselves as much as is reasonable.  Our philosophy is about understanding the challenges, establishing mutual respect and executing the plan together.


CVA Partners, L.P. (the Fund) — is an Alternative Asset Fund based in San Francisco, California.  The Fund provides Variable Rate Asset Based Lines of Credit as a complementary source of cash flow focused growth capital for expanding companies, private or public at competitive costs.  CVA Partners offers services and oversight that reduce risk, add value and produce measurable results.

A California Finance Lender & Broker - License # 6054368



"CVA Partners LP Positive Impact On Our Business Our partnership with CVA Partners LP started in November of 2012. The impact that CVA Partners LP had on our business began in just a few short months and the results were in a word miraculous! A couple of significant changes that occurred was that we were able to take our manpower from 26 to 41 employees strong as well as taking on larger more profitable projects which generated $5mil in revenue at the end of 2012. A few of the methods and procedures that CVA implemented with us were as follows; Establishing clear identification of where our business operating gaps are with regard to the areas of cash flow, resource allocation, client sales and satisfaction as well as forecasting for current and future viability and sustainability in a very competitive and contrary business atmosphere in California. CVA Partners LP assisted DKS Inc. with the financial resources to grow our employee base from 26 to 41 employees in November 2012 thru YTD. These funds helped us secure the best of the best and allowed us to be awarded larger projects which generated sales of $1.9m to 5 million at the end of 2013. The combined knowledge of Jeff Garon and Maxi Brezzi who bring national and worldwide financial relationships and experience are shared via weekly skype video conferencing on which CVA Partners LP assist DKS Inc. with some key financial reporting vehicles such as a realtime Cash Flow Chart and GAANT Charts which assisted our Vice President of Operations with key tools to determine workforce allocation and identity where there may be gaps that need closing. These vehicles brought the clarity we needed to do business by the numbers and not blindly throwing darts at the wall blindfolded and hoping for good results. CVA Partners LP was instrumental in providing the cash flow we needed to provide and continue urgent OSHA and First Aid certifications for all of our employees. DKS Inc. is grateful and thrilled to report that our company did not have any Workers Comp. claims the entire year of 2013. AMAZING!! DKS Inc. will be eternally grateful for the CVA Partners LP relationship of Jeff Garon and Maxi Brezzi and will definitely refer them to other small business owners who have need of their vast repertoire of expertise." Shawna Rasmussen, Accounting DKS Inc., Posted on LinkedIn - January 21, 2014


“Jeff and Maxi, Seriously, WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS !! There are no words for how you both have assisted DKS Inc. and our officers and staff to organize, redirect, forcus and teach us in just a few short weeks the importance of how to be a proper business that not only can achieve fiscal stability with your vast business knowledge and spread sheet implementatons but how to be honorable business people and employers while doing so. You guys are AMAZING! Happy new year to your and yours! 2012 Promises to be a great year and we look forward to partnering with you guys!" Sharon Azevedo, CFO, DKS Inc., Received via email December 31, 2012


"Jeff, Maxi and CVA Partners have been instrumental in providing Working Capital to my company Project Assistance Corporation and are key in our development of 25 jobs over the past seven months. CVA is creative and responsive to our needs as a rapidly growing company”; Ted Estes, CEO, Project Assistance Corporation, Posted on LinkedIn - July 30, 2012